Manga and anime declared good study tools for kids

I think that teaching children how to read things (or understand things) that are interesting to them is very elegant. Seamless, you might say. Also: anime and manga plot lines can be VERY convoluted, and it must take some brainpower to make sense of them. That’s another plus…

Oh, and if you figured out a way to teach Japanese to them as they were interested in anime and manga well you are just helping them even more.



Children’s books and television shows these days are nothing compared to the ones that many of us had growing up. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. I think back fondly on those days of watching Rugrats and Scooby Doo marathons and scoff at the thought of modern-age children rotting their brains with Spongebob and Annoying Orange. But the fact of the matter is that letting kids subject themselves to those books and animations is important to the development of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, though the shows now seem like garbage to our fully-developed minds.

In Japan, the same sort of issue arises with kids becoming obsessed with manga and anime. Parents may try to insist that their children put away the comics and pick up a real book. Some may even go so far as to throw out their child’s comic magazines as they begin to…

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12 Status Symbols For 20-Somethings

Aiming for all these “elegant” additions to my lifestyle. 😀

Thought Catalog

In our 20s, most of us need to live very frugally. However, even those among us saddled with the most student loan debt in the most useless field has a day when they’re feeling rich. Here’s how we celebrate.

Going to the doctor

Every time you go to the doctor you can ride a chic-wave knowing that you’ve “made it.” Your illnesses can now be cured, moles checked and uncounted future diseases vaccinated. This is your moment to shine.

Household items

You remember the days of using ugly, inefficient cleaning items and dreaming of Swiffers and disposable dusters. Never in your life did you think you’d consider a vacuum cleaner a luxury item. And yet, here you are.

Pre-cut fruit

The mark-up on pre-cut fruit at the grocery store is insane. You can buy a whole package of fresh strawberries for $4 or you can buy the same size package…

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A New Home



On Monday I will arrive at my new studio apartment. It is a LOT smaller than the place I am currently in, but significantly nicer. It is also devoid of some of the memories of my old place…

Since having a well-kept home is a big part of my goals towards being elegant, I have thought a LOT about how I want this place to look, and the mood I want to create when a person enters. Honestly in terms of being an elegant person, starting with the ascetics and working inwards seems to be the easiest, as personality changes can take quite a concerted amount of effort, and will probably be best left for “last”.

Here in the kitchen I will probably install some “fairy lights” in that alcove up top. I really want to brighten up that space. I could probably also use it as a storage space… maybe for the few books of mine that are going to make it to the new place with me? Luckily with my kindle I can abandon some of the books I have to make room for other things that I have (don’t worry, they’re going to a good home). I have a lot of “red” things already, so the blue and purple color scheme will be expanded to include red in this space.

View from Kitchen into Living Space

My color scheme seems to be black, white, tan, copper… my current beddings are white, purple, black, blue… a little bit of tan. It should actually match pretty well. I’m planning on playing up the color side as much as I can. The first thing I want to do is get rid of those curtains! I understand that the current design trend for curtains is to have floor-to-ceiling ones that extend a bit past the window width wise. I may keep the black though, but I will just go for larger and longer.I will also probably install some “fairy lights” to brighten up the room, as well as some accent lights (which, as long as mounted on the walls or up high, will probably be copper to bring in that color as well). Mirrors will also probably come heavily into play in this design. Do you think knowing how to do things around the house is elegant?


I’m wondering if that stool would work in the kitchen against the bar. Probably way too short. May abandon it, depending on how everything else works out space wise. Maybe I could turn it into extra storage for perhaps beside the bed? We will have to see. In here I will continue the blue and purple color scheme, I would also like to add green. Help separate the three main areas from each other. I would like to make use of the space on the walls for art! The mirror looks bolted down so I’ll have to deal with that. I wonder if I could paint it black since it doesn’t really match the rest of the decor.

Bathroom Door (I think?)

I really can’t wait to get there to figure out what in the world is going on with that bathroom? I want to know what that “window” thing is, and what it faces in the bathroom. It’s a shame I haven’t been able to see inside yet. The other problem is I’m not sure where my couch is going to fit in all this. It fits perfectly in my current place (which has an office, a real living room, a real bedroom, etc), but I’m not sure what to do about this space. I also have this huge desk… luckily my cousins are going to let me use their storage space, but I’m really not sure how to organize the three pieces of furniture I own in all the world. Until I get a job and get situated, I’m really not going to have a lot of money to replace furniture or really make the place look nice, so I’m not sure what to do there.

I mean, my couch (brand new) already needs to be reupholstered (it got turned into a puppy chew toy)… that’s going to cost a pretty penny but at least I can get it to match everything else.

Current Office Space (With Boxes)

My current “office” room all packed up and ready to go. I will miss the space but I will not miss the design of the carpet or the walls, neither of which I was allowed to alter. Well–to be fair, the wood was pretty cool, the carpet was not.

Aging Well

Aging well is definitely an elegant concept.

Live Life in Crescendo

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“Oh, I’m too old for that “.

Spoken by someone 80?

Spoken by a young man. He was too old to learn to snowboard.

So often aging fosters an ageism attitude against living life in crescendo.

It creates the perspective that there is a ‘proper’ age for pursuing a life pleasure.

Even a simple life pleasure.

Like pierced ears.

Unlike babies today who get theirs pierced at six months, I had gotten mine done at the age of twelve. As so often happens (apparently), the holes kept closing up, as I stopped wearing them while caring for my young sons. Glittering gold in a mother’s ears tempts babies to touch and to pull.

When I occasionally attempted to wear pierced earrings, each time I painfully re-pierced them. Finally, I gave up…

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How Fast is Exponential Growth? (Or, Yao Ming Confronts the Vastness of the Universe)

Being able to describe complex things in an understandable way is definitely an elegant thing to do… especially since it deals with math.

Math with Bad Drawings

On this humble brown planet, we’re used to things growing at a steady pace. Trees add a ring every year. Families expand by one child or marriage at a time. Even in their most extreme months of food-gobbling growth spurts, teenagers will sprout at most a few inches. All of these are examples of linear growth (or something close to it). It’s modest, approachable – something the human brain has no trouble grasping.

But not all growth is like this. Take the old story of the sultan and the beggar. The beggar comes before the sultan, pleading for some rice to eat. When the sultan asks how much he needs, the beggar cleverly points to a nearby chessboard. He asks the sultan to put 1 grain on the first square, 2 on the next, 4 on the next, 8 on the next, and so on, doubling the number of grains for…

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