Physical Progress

  1. Goal: to be Healthy in Body Shape. As of yesterday, I started week three of Insanity (and eating well). I’ve made a lot of good choices and I’m at the point now where I don’t have terrible cravings for bad food. I’ve lost six pounds and three inches since I started this. Keeping up a trend like that would get me to my goal weight and size by the time Insanity is done, but I don’t think that the significant losses will keep up (except maybe in the inches department).
  2. Goal: to be Fashionable. The big problem I’m coming up against now is that none of my clothes fit properly anymore. I’ve decided that I want a large closet–like 150 solid days worth of outfits. I want to build it up fast and hard after I’m at my ideal body size and weight, and then pretty much never buy clothes in bulk again. Of course once a year I’ll trade out stuff I never wear, or that I don’t like, and give it to GoodWill and replace it with something else, but after being poor for so long and being so limited with my clothing choices, I’m really going to go the opposite direction for a while. I’m not sure if it’s elegant to look at this subject like this, but being well dressed is, and while I’ve done it on a budget for a long time, I am looking forward to the time when I can buy clothes and not really care.

    Like I said in the posts about the house, for a while I want to focus on the superficial stuff, because for the most part that can be completed quickly, and once that is freed up in my mind, I’ll have more time to focus on the more meaningful life changes. 

  3. Goal: to have a Scent Entirely Your Own. The perfume/scent that I like so much has been discontinued, so I’ll need to find something else to fit that aspect. I suppose I may have to leave behind Bath and Body works and find a “real” perfume line, but I love the scents they have there and that I can get lotion and soap and body spray all with the same smell. I wonder if having a particular scent for like a year and then moving on would be acceptable? 
  4. Goal: to have a Beautiful Smile. I went to the orthodontist yesterday. I’ll have my molds made of my teeth on August 6th, and I will have the braces put on after that. I should have them on for about 14 months, which is amazing to think that in a really short amount of time I will be able to have the smile I’ve always wanted!

I’ll keep updating my progress on this and the apartment as they get done. I’m also thinking about (once I start working) taking Iroh (my dog) to a professional dog trainer, and my cousin’s dog (a border collie) to agility training. This will help make some progress towards the goal of having well-trained animals under my control. 


An 8-Step Vagina Manual For Those Not In Possession Of One

Having a healthy sex life is also very elegant.

Thought Catalog

Look, guys, I don’t blame you for not always knowing about vaginas. They’re complicated. Beautiful, but complicated. I would have directed this to everybody but as I have seen in my own experiences with lesbian sex, people who own one tend to know how to handle one. And so, I present to you, a user’s manual for the vagina if you are not in possession of one:

1. It does not want to be poked or prodded.

This isn’t like an arcade game. You don’t hit it enough times and then, whoop! You’ve won! There’s the orgasm! It needs some tender, passionate loving. It needs to be caressed in the right places, with steady speed and pressure.

2. Tongue, people. Tongue.

If you ask a girl what she wants and she’s like, oh, I don’t care, allow me to translate this for you: to stick your tongue all up in…

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9 Counterintuitive Rules For Happiness

Being happy is definitely elegant.

Thought Catalog

Happiness might just be a state of mind—but there are concrete things that give you a better shot at being happy. If you’d like to stack the odds in favor of your own bliss, here’s a cheat sheet.

1. Men: get in a relationship, women: get out of one

The Chicago Sun-Times took a survey and found that the majority (78%) of men would remarry their spouses while another study found that only half of women would do the same.

When men get into a relationship they get something they don’t already have: sex and someone they can talk to on a deeper level. Women already have this. Sex is much more readily available for women than it is for men and they can talk about everything on the face of the earth with their girlfriends—something much less common in male friendships.

2. Reconsider your “dream city”

Where you live…

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Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion Is Dead

Caring about animals is VERY elegant.


Dear Michael Vick: Your Champion is Dead,

Mike, just thought you’d like to know that on June 19th of this year, your Grand Champion Fighting Dog, Lucas, finally succumbed to the disease he was infected with during his time fighting for you. You should be happy to know that his new caregivers and family did all they could to save him, but his suffering was too much so in the most humane, painless way, they granted him his final peace. They think he was about 13 at the time, but I guess you would know better than anyone.

You should also be pleased to hear that despite your efforts to turn this beautiful dog into a monster, he was actually found to be the most loving of all the dogs rescued and rehabilitated from Bad Newz Kennels, thus proving that even those deemed the worst in our society, can still…

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Korean woman looks 30 years younger than actual age, may have discovered Fountain of Youth

Looking amazing no matter your age is very elegant.



Contrary to popular belief, Asian women don’t all look 20 then suddenly transform into adorable old ladies when they turn 60.

With that in mind, care to take a stab at how old this South Korean woman on the right in the left-side photo is? Well, in that photo she’s in her late 40s. A few weeks of using the Shake Weight or some other “get skinny easy” informercial product, she’s now the woman on the right.

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Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Garlic

Being able to cook is a very elegant skill, and something I am actively working on. So is taking gorgeous photos!

zOld - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Spanish Chicken, Chorizo and Garlic

Chorizo is such a nice addition to Spanish style dishes, its spicy garlicky flavour gives another dimension to a dish. For me it’s like the bacon in the Spanish cuisine it’s so hard to miss it out especially in stews and casseroles and once you’re hooked you can’t just simply give it up. Look at this recipe for example a simple spicy chicken stew infused with load of garlic and chorizo, it’s so rich a good sour dough bread is needed to absorb all of that nice sauce.

Do you love the chorizo flavour? You might be interested in my other recipes that feature this ingredient


6 pcs chicken thighs, bones and skin on
200 g chorizo, sliced
2 large…

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Plans for Decoration

  1. In this corner, I want a white cubby bookcase. Pinterest has some cool handmade boxes that I would like to do using some of the boxes I have from personal stuff of mine (boxes from friends with birthday presents, the box some custom made wine glasses I bought for my boyfriend and I came in, etc). I’m planning on having twine pulls for the handles, and as for fabric I’ll probably mix and match with the colors in my bedding, though I may end up using metallics as that is kind of “in” right now (and very me.Furthermore, pretty much none of my furniture would fit into this place, so I have all kinds of stuff that I used to just store and never use or look at that is now at the forefront of my mind. So now my plan is to get all that stuff visible. I want papers organized in binders, photos in photo albums, trinkets displayed, some stuff (like my old grade school uniform and my dad’s old grade school uniform displayed side by side) will be put into shadow boxes and hung up… (the second picture shows all the stuff I need to arrange still).
  2. I think I want something drape-y on the ceiling, possibly fairy lights but I may just been too influenced by Tumblr and Pinterest and they may just look stupid. The first is my ceiling, the second is what I am visualizing.
  3. I want drapes floor length and a little wider than the window, with a (dark) blue color to match blanket. I’ll pull the bed out a little farther because the wall tilts inward so that the curtains can hang freely. Supposedly this style of curtain makes small spaces seem bigger.
  4. I want to add multiple mirrors, but I’ll start with one, probably silver, up on this wall. After that I’ll see how I feel about adding more. My walls will probably be pretty full after all these shadow boxes and artworks go up on the wall. Mirrors also supposedly make the place seem bigger.
  5. This apartment used to be a recording studio. As you can see, my closet was converted but the window is still here, and slanted. What I want to do is continue with my ocean-y theme (started by my boyfriend) and perhaps get an ocean-themed tapestry to hang here to block out the view of my clothes, though I kind of like the exposed thing.
  6. These tile floors are DEATH on my body when I try to work out. I want to get something set up to cushion my blow–some rugs, foam mats, something, that will go here:
  7. There’s a small space that I think could be utilized to make a sort of make-shift living space–like a love seat, a rug, two chairs, that kind of thing, especially because they would look out to the “ocean” scene in the closet. It may take up too much space, but we’ll see.
  8. I need some kind of organizer for the bathroom, or maybe just a general system. I don’t mind the exposed cabinet thing. I feel like it makes the space look bigger, as long as it is clean. I may need some little boxes or something…?
  9. The last thing I already took care of, but basically it is my curtains for my shower–and they are all “travel” themed. 😀 Love it! It has major city names all over it: New York, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv, and so on. Reminds me of what I am working towards. I also love the colors!