Plans for Decoration

  1. In this corner, I want a white cubby bookcase. Pinterest has some cool handmade boxes that I would like to do using some of the boxes I have from personal stuff of mine (boxes from friends with birthday presents, the box some custom made wine glasses I bought for my boyfriend and I came in, etc). I’m planning on having twine pulls for the handles, and as for fabric I’ll probably mix and match with the colors in my bedding, though I may end up using metallics as that is kind of “in” right now (and very me.Furthermore, pretty much none of my furniture would fit into this place, so I have all kinds of stuff that I used to just store and never use or look at that is now at the forefront of my mind. So now my plan is to get all that stuff visible. I want papers organized in binders, photos in photo albums, trinkets displayed, some stuff (like my old grade school uniform and my dad’s old grade school uniform displayed side by side) will be put into shadow boxes and hung up… (the second picture shows all the stuff I need to arrange still).
  2. I think I want something drape-y on the ceiling, possibly fairy lights but I may just been too influenced by Tumblr and Pinterest and they may just look stupid. The first is my ceiling, the second is what I am visualizing.
  3. I want drapes floor length and a little wider than the window, with a (dark) blue color to match blanket. I’ll pull the bed out a little farther because the wall tilts inward so that the curtains can hang freely. Supposedly this style of curtain makes small spaces seem bigger.
  4. I want to add multiple mirrors, but I’ll start with one, probably silver, up on this wall. After that I’ll see how I feel about adding more. My walls will probably be pretty full after all these shadow boxes and artworks go up on the wall. Mirrors also supposedly make the place seem bigger.
  5. This apartment used to be a recording studio. As you can see, my closet was converted but the window is still here, and slanted. What I want to do is continue with my ocean-y theme (started by my boyfriend) and perhaps get an ocean-themed tapestry to hang here to block out the view of my clothes, though I kind of like the exposed thing.
  6. These tile floors are DEATH on my body when I try to work out. I want to get something set up to cushion my blow–some rugs, foam mats, something, that will go here:
  7. There’s a small space that I think could be utilized to make a sort of make-shift living space–like a love seat, a rug, two chairs, that kind of thing, especially because they would look out to the “ocean” scene in the closet. It may take up too much space, but we’ll see.
  8. I need some kind of organizer for the bathroom, or maybe just a general system. I don’t mind the exposed cabinet thing. I feel like it makes the space look bigger, as long as it is clean. I may need some little boxes or something…?
  9. The last thing I already took care of, but basically it is my curtains for my shower–and they are all “travel” themed. 😀 Love it! It has major city names all over it: New York, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv, and so on. Reminds me of what I am working towards. I also love the colors!

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