9 Counterintuitive Rules For Happiness

Being happy is definitely elegant.

Thought Catalog

Happiness might just be a state of mind—but there are concrete things that give you a better shot at being happy. If you’d like to stack the odds in favor of your own bliss, here’s a cheat sheet.

1. Men: get in a relationship, women: get out of one

The Chicago Sun-Times took a survey and found that the majority (78%) of men would remarry their spouses while another study found that only half of women would do the same.

When men get into a relationship they get something they don’t already have: sex and someone they can talk to on a deeper level. Women already have this. Sex is much more readily available for women than it is for men and they can talk about everything on the face of the earth with their girlfriends—something much less common in male friendships.

2. Reconsider your “dream city”

Where you live…

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