Physical Progress

  1. Goal: to be Healthy in Body Shape. As of yesterday, I started week three of Insanity (and eating well). I’ve made a lot of good choices and I’m at the point now where I don’t have terrible cravings for bad food. I’ve lost six pounds and three inches since I started this. Keeping up a trend like that would get me to my goal weight and size by the time Insanity is done, but I don’t think that the significant losses will keep up (except maybe in the inches department).
  2. Goal: to be Fashionable. The big problem I’m coming up against now is that none of my clothes fit properly anymore. I’ve decided that I want a large closet–like 150 solid days worth of outfits. I want to build it up fast and hard after I’m at my ideal body size and weight, and then pretty much never buy clothes in bulk again. Of course once a year I’ll trade out stuff I never wear, or that I don’t like, and give it to GoodWill and replace it with something else, but after being poor for so long and being so limited with my clothing choices, I’m really going to go the opposite direction for a while. I’m not sure if it’s elegant to look at this subject like this, but being well dressed is, and while I’ve done it on a budget for a long time, I am looking forward to the time when I can buy clothes and not really care.

    Like I said in the posts about the house, for a while I want to focus on the superficial stuff, because for the most part that can be completed quickly, and once that is freed up in my mind, I’ll have more time to focus on the more meaningful life changes. 

  3. Goal: to have a Scent Entirely Your Own. The perfume/scent that I like so much has been discontinued, so I’ll need to find something else to fit that aspect. I suppose I may have to leave behind Bath and Body works and find a “real” perfume line, but I love the scents they have there and that I can get lotion and soap and body spray all with the same smell. I wonder if having a particular scent for like a year and then moving on would be acceptable? 
  4. Goal: to have a Beautiful Smile. I went to the orthodontist yesterday. I’ll have my molds made of my teeth on August 6th, and I will have the braces put on after that. I should have them on for about 14 months, which is amazing to think that in a really short amount of time I will be able to have the smile I’ve always wanted!

I’ll keep updating my progress on this and the apartment as they get done. I’m also thinking about (once I start working) taking Iroh (my dog) to a professional dog trainer, and my cousin’s dog (a border collie) to agility training. This will help make some progress towards the goal of having well-trained animals under my control. 


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