Insane Progress


In that picture, I am flexing. After six weeks, for the first time in my life, I can see my upper abs. I am really coming along in terms of my body. I look toned and fit and healthy in a way I haven’t before, despite always having an athletic frame.

For now my goals are to continue working out, but also to spend time on building up my vocabulary (one of my bucket list items is to learn a new word every day) as well as using my time on the Internet for more intellectual progress. I want to use the Internet to stay up to date on current news and research and I want to use the library to learn about more consistent things, like history. Stuff that isn’t changed that much day to day.

I am actively looking for a new job, and have applied to 30+ jobs recently. I am going to, on the 15th, buckle down in a different way…refine my resume for each job, try out some new cover letter styles (I’ve been experimenting with this already). I hope to find one soon, but we will see. I am, at this point, quite hopeful.


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