Insane Progress


In that picture, I am flexing. After six weeks, for the first time in my life, I can see my upper abs. I am really coming along in terms of my body. I look toned and fit and healthy in a way I haven’t before, despite always having an athletic frame.

For now my goals are to continue working out, but also to spend time on building up my vocabulary (one of my bucket list items is to learn a new word every day) as well as using my time on the Internet for more intellectual progress. I want to use the Internet to stay up to date on current news and research and I want to use the library to learn about more consistent things, like history. Stuff that isn’t changed that much day to day.

I am actively looking for a new job, and have applied to 30+ jobs recently. I am going to, on the 15th, buckle down in a different way…refine my resume for each job, try out some new cover letter styles (I’ve been experimenting with this already). I hope to find one soon, but we will see. I am, at this point, quite hopeful.


A New Home



On Monday I will arrive at my new studio apartment. It is a LOT smaller than the place I am currently in, but significantly nicer. It is also devoid of some of the memories of my old place…

Since having a well-kept home is a big part of my goals towards being elegant, I have thought a LOT about how I want this place to look, and the mood I want to create when a person enters. Honestly in terms of being an elegant person, starting with the ascetics and working inwards seems to be the easiest, as personality changes can take quite a concerted amount of effort, and will probably be best left for “last”.

Here in the kitchen I will probably install some “fairy lights” in that alcove up top. I really want to brighten up that space. I could probably also use it as a storage space… maybe for the few books of mine that are going to make it to the new place with me? Luckily with my kindle I can abandon some of the books I have to make room for other things that I have (don’t worry, they’re going to a good home). I have a lot of “red” things already, so the blue and purple color scheme will be expanded to include red in this space.

View from Kitchen into Living Space

My color scheme seems to be black, white, tan, copper… my current beddings are white, purple, black, blue… a little bit of tan. It should actually match pretty well. I’m planning on playing up the color side as much as I can. The first thing I want to do is get rid of those curtains! I understand that the current design trend for curtains is to have floor-to-ceiling ones that extend a bit past the window width wise. I may keep the black though, but I will just go for larger and longer.I will also probably install some “fairy lights” to brighten up the room, as well as some accent lights (which, as long as mounted on the walls or up high, will probably be copper to bring in that color as well). Mirrors will also probably come heavily into play in this design. Do you think knowing how to do things around the house is elegant?


I’m wondering if that stool would work in the kitchen against the bar. Probably way too short. May abandon it, depending on how everything else works out space wise. Maybe I could turn it into extra storage for perhaps beside the bed? We will have to see. In here I will continue the blue and purple color scheme, I would also like to add green. Help separate the three main areas from each other. I would like to make use of the space on the walls for art! The mirror looks bolted down so I’ll have to deal with that. I wonder if I could paint it black since it doesn’t really match the rest of the decor.

Bathroom Door (I think?)

I really can’t wait to get there to figure out what in the world is going on with that bathroom? I want to know what that “window” thing is, and what it faces in the bathroom. It’s a shame I haven’t been able to see inside yet. The other problem is I’m not sure where my couch is going to fit in all this. It fits perfectly in my current place (which has an office, a real living room, a real bedroom, etc), but I’m not sure what to do about this space. I also have this huge desk… luckily my cousins are going to let me use their storage space, but I’m really not sure how to organize the three pieces of furniture I own in all the world. Until I get a job and get situated, I’m really not going to have a lot of money to replace furniture or really make the place look nice, so I’m not sure what to do there.

I mean, my couch (brand new) already needs to be reupholstered (it got turned into a puppy chew toy)… that’s going to cost a pretty penny but at least I can get it to match everything else.

Current Office Space (With Boxes)

My current “office” room all packed up and ready to go. I will miss the space but I will not miss the design of the carpet or the walls, neither of which I was allowed to alter. Well–to be fair, the wood was pretty cool, the carpet was not.

What Does It Mean to be Elegant?

As I progress through my early twenties, I have decided to start making progress towards my lifelong goal of being elegant. I feel like it is part of my heritage; when I look upon my memories of my grandmother, she is the epitome of elegance, and I wish to emulate her. I have put some thought into it and have drawn up a list of parameters, both vague and specific, on the details under which to conduct my life.

 To be elegant means to be graceful in movement and stylish in appearance; an elegant woman is… 

  • fashionable, keeping up on current trends while having own style, combining clothes and accessories into something magnificent. Dresses are a frequent feature of her attire, as are jewelry (watches included), hats, gloves, petticoats, long jackets, and heels. She also has a bag filled with all kinds of
  • known for a particular perfume that is forever associated with her. My great-grandfather told me that every woman should have a scent that is “them”. I took his advice seriously, partially because the elegant grandmother I mentioned earlier wore a distinct enough perfume that even now, years after her passing, when I smell something like it I think of her.
  • owner of a beautiful smile. She has straight, white teeth, and she shows them often.
  • healthy in body shape, a wearer of make-up, and a maintainer of a good hairstyle.

To be elegant means to be dignified; an elegant woman is…

  • light-hearted, humorous, and open.
  • a purveyor of many friendships.
  • ingenious and well read, knowledgable on matters of math and science.
  • simple and neat.
  • tasteful in her interactions with other people, handwriting, wine, and food.
  • effective, refined, dignified, and beautiful.
  • known for expressing restraint, and demonstrating precision and exactness.
  • intuitive, smooth, swift, and functions in all settings and situations with ease.
  • environmentally conscious.
  • a good cook, and can decorate/arrange food in a pleasing way.
  • physically active, perhaps involved in snowboarding, boating, or dancing.
  • artistic, with an emphasis on painting, photography, and writing (including writing letters to people by hand).

To be elegant means to have a house that extends the elegance of a person; this home is…

  • internally and externally minimalistic but luxurious, insinuating wealth without being excessive.
  • exceptionally fine in the kitchen: glass bottles for pouring drinks, cups of flawless glass or crystal (with some gold trim, perhaps) to pour drinks into, vibrantly colored plates, matching bowls, true silverware.
  • made up of themed rooms. Plush carpet coats most of the house’s floors, candles of every kind (in flower “nests”, in candelabras, in candle chandeliers) line the rooms, and antique objects, tapestries, compasses, furniture, seashells, fancy pillows, and such are all mandatory accessories. Silk and lace are the materials of choice.
  • decorates with a plethora of art: paintings, (old) photographs of people and flowers, abstract (colorful) vectors, photographs of landscapes and outer space, Japanese art, to name a few.
  • capable of offering pleasant smelling, expensive cigars for guest (though the lady herself does not smoke).
  • capable of housing only one car per person in the household (excess is of course frowned upon). These cars are of course well maintained, clean, and safe, regardless of age or expense of car.

To be elegant means to love nature and the animals in it; some possibilities include…

  • horses (stable/corral/trails/etc), birds (aviary), butterflies (greenhouse), fish (tropical aquarium; there is even a type of coral named “elegance”), dogs (indoors). All must be well-behaved (within reason).
  • environments for animals that are beautiful.
  • a beautiful garden and other outside environments. This garden has at least fourteen different kinds of flowers, and these flowers are often taken indoors to decorate the rooms.